The Branson School, a college-preparatory school in Marin County, CA, engaged Mission Minded to refresh its Winter 2024 alumni magazine. Our team first established the strategic foundation for the publication by outlining key audiences, naming and positioning opportunities, and the overall magazine personality. We then produced the full 40 page magazine from initial concepts to final printed piece, which dropped in January of 2024 to over 5,000 recipients.

 "I just had to congratulate you on the new magazine. It is BEAUTIFUL. So thoughtfully conceived, written, and executed. Made me proud as an alum parent. Congratulations."

"Congratulations on the new Branson magazine. It is well written and designed beautifully. Plus it offers a range of interesting and inspiring articles. We live in a pretty dark world these days, and it is nice to read about some young people [and some Branson alumni] who offer hope for the future."

"I just had to write. This is the best Branson magazine ever. The concept, the writers, the stories, the visuals are superb. Thank you to the entire communications staff and those responsible for its production."

The project included layout design, photoshoot planning, onsite photo art direction, photographer and printer recommendations, prepress consultation, and final magazine style guide.
On set with photographers Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay at The Branson School, as well as a view from the top of Mount Tamalpais with photographer Brian Wedge.
Agency: Mission Minded
Client: The Branson School (Christina Mazzola, James Zimmerman, Jennifer Owen-Blackmon, Olivia Flemming)
Creative Direction: Dallas Franklin 
Art Direction & Design: Kelli Matheny, Dallas Franklin
Strategy: Zack Kushner
Writing: Julia Flynn Siler, Elisabeth Leamy, Sarah Muench, Guy Raz, Jeff Symonds, Jason Warburg
Illustration: Kody Chamberlain
Photography: Olympia de Maismont, Steven Meckler, Karl Schmidt, Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay, Brian Wedge
Print & Production: Craftsmen Printing

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