A Year’s Worth of Greetings" celebrated the consolidation of 2 popular Neenah brands into one sustainable offering called THE NATURALS. This limited edition greeting card collection was a collaboration between Neenah and 12 American graphic designers who were each invited to create 2 out of a total of 24 custom-designed cards and envelopes. 
Artists included Grammy award-winning designer Lawrence Azerrad, deputy art director for the New York Times Ben Grandgenett, and world-renowned artist Chip Kidd. The promotion featured 30+ Neenah papers decorated with a variety of premium print techniques such as foil-stamping, and blind embossing. Read more about the promotion on The Dieline.
To mark the occasion, Chip Kidd agreed to do a live poster signing at the Neenah booth at How Design Live in Chicago, IL.
The newly designed swatchbook combined two popular NEENAH® brands—ENVIRONMENT® and ROYAL SUNDANCE®—into one new sustainable offering called THE NATURALS.
Creative Direction & Promotion Design: Neenah Design (Dallas Franklin) 
Greeting Cards: Lawrence Azerrad, Ben Grandgenett, Leta Sobierajski, Chip Kidd, Von and Savannah Glitschka, Kati Forner, Russell Shaw, Elana Schlenker, Luba Lukova, Frank Chimero, Nicholas Moegly, and GDLOFT
Swatchbook: Matchbox
Print & Production: Fey Printing
Photography: Paul Siekert

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