I am a Creative Director and Ceramic Artist living in Waleska, Georgia at the base of the Appalachian foothills. 
With 20 years of experience in the design industry, I have worked at organizations large and small, for profit and nonprofit, West Coast and East Coast. My expertise includes branding, print, packaging, digital, experiential, and product design for Adobe. I have given talks at AdobeMax and How Design Live; have been interviewed by Communication Arts and The Dieline; and have been published in CommArts, Graphis, and GDUSA. As President of AIGA Atlanta, I led a Top-10 chapter within AIGA National, and served on the board of the Museum of Design. 
I took my first ceramics class in the Fall of 2021 and immediately fell in love with the process. After signing up for a variety of local workshops, I purchased a wheel and an electric kiln for my basement studio. Through my work, I am interested in deconstructing classical forms, reinterpreting modern objects through clay, and pushing the limits of the medium. My current process is wheel-throwing and altering stoneware that fires to Cone 6. It brings me such joy to open the warm lid of my Olympic kiln to see what discoveries await inside!

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